Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vacation = Eye Candy time

My day job is on hiatus next week and so am I. I still have 32 days of PTO (planned time off) to use before the year's end, so I chose to use five of those days to sit at home, catch up on some writing, reading, and "eye candy" time, or as I prefer to call it: "research" for my next novel.

So far, my "research" has included the following:

"Coriolanus" - movie - "EC" subjects: Gerard Butler, Ralph Fiennes and James Nesbitt (reciting Shakespeare)

"Daniel Deronda" - mini series - "EC" subject: Hugh Dancy ( as George Elliot's tortured hero)

"Paris Je T'aime" - movie - "EC" subject: Rufus Sewell (albeit extremely briefly)

"Zen" - series - "EC" subject: Rufus Sewell (older and hotter. Plays a sexy Italian detective named "Aurelius")

"Kidnapped" - series - "EC" subjects: Jeremy Sisto, Linus Roache, Timothy Hutton (yes, yes, and yes)

My "research to-do" list includes:

"Dark City" - movie - "EC" subject: Rufus Sewell
"The Very Thought of You" - movie - "EC" subjects: Joseph Fiennes, Rufus Sewell
"The Escapist" - movie - "EC" subjects: Joseph Fiennes, Damian Lewis
"Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" - movie - "EC" subjects: Tim Roth, Gary Oldman

... and that's just the beginning. Stay tuned.

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