Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Some of my favorite segments

This morning, I woke up to learn that four segments I produced in 2013 for KING 5 New Day Northwest (aka: my day job) were included in the Top 5 segments that aired this year. While I'm proud of each and every segment I've produced in my nearly three years at the show, as well as the four included in the Top 5 list, I started thinking about guests and topics who really touched me in 2013. They may not have gotten as many shares or views, but they're definitely worth another look.

Here they are, in no particular order:

YOU'VE GOT IT ALL WRONG (June 3, 2013) - students at Scriber Lake High School wrote and published a book of essays (title above) sharing some of their most painful experiences to date. Three of the students took part in the interview, while the rest of the student authors sat in the audience with their teacher Marjie Bowker and author mentor Ingrid Ricks. This segment is definitely worth another look - and the book is definitely worth reading.

SUPERHERO CREATOR AARON D'ERRICO (August 27, 2013) - Aaron D'Errico shared the inspiration behind his new superhero Ammon, as well as his search for an artist to bring his character and storyline to life. Watch the segment and prepare to be truly inspired. P.S. - Aaron is still looking for an artist (and is willing to PAY). If you know someone, send them my way.

MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT, ARMY SSG TY CARTER (October 1) - Watch the segment. That's all I have to say. What an incredible human being.

FOREFRONT - a new suicide prevention organization (September 9) - University of Washington professor Jennifer Stuber and suicide prevention expert Sue Eastgard returned to New Day Northwest to introduce their new organization, which was created following the suicide of Jenn's husband, a prominent Seattle attorney. Watch the segment - then click on the link to watch the original segment, which Jenn insisted on doing the day before the one year anniversary of her husband's death. I have no words.

LOVE TO CHEER  (December 4) - Another powerful segment. This one features Everett Silvertips Assistant Coach (and former team captain) Mitch Love, who teamed up with The Everett Clinic to provide a respite for people undergoing treatment for depression and other mental health challenges. The "Love to Cheer" program pays tribute to one of Mitch's good friends and longtime Silvertips season ticket holder, who committed suicide last year. 

DREAMFEST (September 9) - Louie Galarza, better known as "Louie G" in music circles here, hosts an annual concert/fest at his famed pizzeria in Fife to benefit the Burned Children Recovery Foundation. Louie and Terry McCarty, a burn survivor who was helped by the BCRF (and is now a firefighter!) joined us for this memorable interview, as well as a stellar performance from two members of the band Amadon.

"Grimm" - Guess the Wesen game (October 24) - I had the privilege of interviewing Silas Weir Mitchell ("Monroe") and Russell Hornsby ("Hank") from "Grimm" when they were in Seattle early in the fall. In addition to the regular questions about the new season, we played a fun game of "Guess the Wesen," featuring a number of northwest notables. I won't spoil the surprise. You just have to watch (and let me know whether you agree).

DAVE COULIER (May 10) - SO. MUCH. FUN. Of course, who wouldn't love Uncle Joey from "Full House"? Plus, I got to sneak in a pic of him playing hockey as a kid, and he shared a story about his "good friend" Gordie Howe and his love of the Red Wings.

CHRISTOPHER KENNEDY LAWFORD (March 18) - I think what I love most about him is his open and honest approach to life, warts and all. No question was off limits. The most touching part happened after the show, when I overheard him calling his girlfriend to tell her how it went. He wrapped up the call by saying fervently, "I effing love you SO MUCH!" (he actually said "effing")

LAWYER MILLOY (November 12) - Forget the stellar college football career. Forget the Super Bowl ring & All Pro career with the New England Patriots. Lawyer opened up about his upbringing and the role his high school football coach played in helping keep him on a positive path. He also shared why he's giving all the proceeds from his 40th birthday bash to his high school football booster club. But his shock at receiving a birthday cake and having the audience sing to him completes this memorable segment.

JAY AND TRUDI INSLEE (October 3) - I'm not politically minded. I don't vote party line and never have. However, the chance to produce this segment featuring Washington's new Governor and First Lady was so much fun, mostly because no topic was off limits. And the pictures....

TONY JUNIPER (August 1) - This world-respected environmentalist (Prince Charles is a close friend and co-author) is the perfect person to teach us about the world around us. He speaks and writes in language even **I** can understand and absorb, and is interesting, to boot! 

AN INCREDIBLE STORY OF FORGIVENESS (October 3) - I didn't really "produce" this segment. I just kind of helped shape it. Our host, Margaret Larson, produced it. She traveled to Rwanda with Kari and Tom Costanza from World Vision, to document personal stories as the 20th anniversary of the 1994 genocides draws closer. They shared one of the powerful stories they captured, which illustrates the power of forgiveness in a way I don't know I'd have the strength to do.

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