Friday, January 3, 2014

2014: A new approach to goals

It's 2014, which means it's time to lay out goals for the new year. Last year, I resolved to NOT make any resolutions. It was freeing in one sense. In another, I felt as though I'd been cast adrift on a sea of indifference with no land in sight.

This year, I'm experimenting by making a list of goals (I REFUSE to use the word "resolutions") to aim for this year, to see whether I'll feel more motivated and less adrift in 2014. I welcome you to join me. Make your own list and let's check back in with each other each month to see how much we're accomplishing and how we feel about it.

Here goes:

  1. Be more present for Ian to help motivate him to finish his senior year
  2. Carve out more time to work on my novels
  3. Be more pro-active in promoting my first novel - both with social media and setting up interviews (and accept help!)
  4. Adhere to a better work schedule - ie, DON'T stay at work until 6 or 7pm at night!
  5. Find a fitness program I will stick to!
  6. Incorporate more healthy foods into my meals

These should be good to begin with.
I'll check in next month with an update. 
I look forward to seeing how you're doing, too.

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